Resource management, hardware facilities, and network infrastructures are one of the perennial concerns of organizations, companies, and even individuals. In the early years of the 21st century, the challenge of interaction between system administrators and developers was increasing day by day. With the rapid development in the field of information technology, the need for agile system administration was felt more, leading to the emergence of the DevOps movement.

In fact, the word "DevOps" was coined in a conference of the same name in 2009 to achieve the concept of Agile Infrastructure. In the second decade of the 21st century, various concepts, tools, and solutions were developed that accelerated this process. One of the most important concepts is Docker and Kubernetes tools.

Moreover, the idea of Infrastructure as Code (IaC) helps system administrators manage infrastructure descriptively and easily maintain versions and changes. This is crucial in agile management and continuous delivery. The main goal of IaC is to have a stable and scalable environment that is agile in changes and reproducible. Tools like Helm can be a significant step in this direction.

In "The Collection of Software Systems and Cloud Infrastructures at Kubchi," by utilizing innovative ideas, technologies, and up-to-date infrastructure management tools, an attempt has been made to provide the latest world knowledge to organizations, companies, and individuals who want to be pioneers in the field of information technology.

Before delving into further details, you can get started or explore an overview of Kubchi components divided into sub-systems: